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Posted by on Dec 4, 2014 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments



Here’s another game great that works in a team or individual free-for-all style, and all you need is tennis balls.

Players: 2+

Equipment: Balls (tennis, whiffle, or really any kind), some kind of bucket or bag to hold the balls.

Game: Put all players in a large circle and put a bucket of balls in the middle of the circle.  When the game starts, each player will have to perform a certain exercise (20 push-ups, for example) and then run, get a ball and bring it back to their spot and then continue doing that, hoarding as many balls as they can until the time runs out or until the balls are gone.  When I do this game with my boot campers, I usually put them into many small even teams or even just split the class into two teams.  Each person can have a different number of reps to complete before they can get a ball based on their ability level (I use a colored ability-level system similar to belts in karate) and I blow the whistle every few minutes and yell out a new exercise.  The team with the most balls at the end wins.  Then, after that game has ended, for an encore we play “Clean Up”, where each team now has to put back the balls.  This is great because it makes it harder for the teams that won the first round to win again since they have the most balls to put back.


  • You Grabbed My Balls! – Instead of grabbing a ball from the bucket, they can steal a ball from another team’s pile but they must pay a penalty of 10 burpees in addition to the normal required reps.
  • Balls of Fortune – Each ball has an exercise written on it that must be finished before continuing. Use plastic whiffle balls and a sharpie.
  • Heavy Balls – Instead of small balls, use something heavy like medicine balls, sandbags, dumbbells, or a combination of these.

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