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Posted by on May 27, 2019 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Speed Switch

Speed Switch

Keep your ears and eyes open for this versatile big team game…

Players: 4+

Equipment: None, or Cones

Game: This game works as a warm-up or a finisher depending on the intensity of the chosen exercises.  Give everyone a cone (or just use mats if you use them in your class).  If you have a large open area have all players spread out randomly around the space and place their cone (or mat) at their spot beside them.

Speed Switch

14 Players Spread Out Across the Field Each with a Cone at Their Spot

If your space is more limited you can tell everyone to arrange themselves in a line.  On “go”, all players will begin doing a base exercise (ie: Jumping Jacks).  The instructor will then call out two player names (ie: “Jen, Joe”).  Upon hearing their names, those players must each sprint over to the other person’s spot and begin doing the base exercise, at which point the instructor then calls two more names.  This goes on for 10 rounds.  The players have the incentive to run fast so that the rounds are quicker and the game is over sooner.  To kick it up a notch, you can start calling 3 or more names each round.  This makes the players have to be more alert and signal to each other where to run, because two players can’t both run to the same spot!  Some other fun calls you can make for who must switch:

  • Everyone wearing blue (or X color)
  • Everyone who missed the last class
  • All the guys (or girls)
  • Everyone! <— Best for the last round
  • Combine the players names.  For example, instead of saying “Michelle and Jason”, say “Michason”, so they have to really listen and think.

Pro-tip: If your members use mats, they may not want to switch to someone else’s sweaty mat to do an exercise on the ground, so either skip those exercises and don’t involve the mats at all, or advise them to use the area besides the mats to do their exercises.

Here’s a small group of 5 players doing the most basic form of the game:



  • Burpee’d Up:  This works best for smaller groups when you’re only calling two people each round.  Simply have the players drop and do a jump high-five burpee as they pass each other.