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Posted by on Dec 10, 2014 in Articles | 0 comments

Why Use Games In Your Boot Camp?

Why Use Games In Your Boot Camp?

I’ve been running outdoor boot camp classes for years now and I can tell you that you NEED to use games in your boot camp classes.  Here’s why… Cyndi Lauper said that girls just want to have fun.  Well, guess what, EVERYONE just wants to have fun.  If you can exercise AND have fun at the same time, why not?  Here’s what games will add to your boot camp:

  • Camaraderie/Team Building: Many of the games I use involve teams, which means boot campers have to interact and get to know each other a bit.  You WANT clients making friends at class because, guess what, they will keep coming.  
  • Uniqueness: Using games will set you apart in your clients’ minds and make your classes more memorable than some of the other boring, repetitive classes they may have done somewhere else.
  • Sharability:  If you often post class pictures to your Facebook page (as you should!), which picture do you think would make someone want to tag themselves: one of them completing a burpee or one of them catching a touchdown pass playing Ultimate Football? A picture of someone grueling through a series of push-ups, or a picture of someone laughing while warming up to a game of Touch Wrestling?  Games make people smile and laugh, and these are the pictures that get liked and tagged, increasing your exposure to their friends.
  • Results: Fitness games will get your clients competing and giving their best effort.  Everybody likes the feeling of winning and no one likes letting down teammates.  I’ve found many clients push themselves much harder in a competitive team game environment then they do otherwise, and this leads to better results.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you of the benefits of using games in your boot camp.  If you’d like to read more about HOW AND WHEN to use games in your boot camp check out this article.  If you’d like to see some specific games you can use with boot camps, check out these games.  Now get gaming!


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