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Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups, Single Player Games | 0 comments

Throw and Go

Throw and Go

Here’s a great multi-purpose race game for teams or individuals…

Players: 1+

Equipment: Medicine Ball, Sandbag, or any safely throwable object, and Cones (Boot Camp Equipment Guide)

Game: This is a race-based game that can also be done in teams.  Simply put all competitors in a row with one medicine ball each and a long predetermined amount of space ahead of them with cones at the end acting as your finish line.  On “Go”, players will chest-pass their ball forward and then immediately run to the ball, pick it up, and throw again.  They keep repeating this until someone throws their ball over the finish line (it can also roll over).   You can modify by giving the stronger players heavier balls to throw or moving their individual finish line farther out.  Also, you can follow each race up with a “reverse round” where players race to throw their balls back to the starting line, from where their ball ended the previous round.


  • Costly Tosses: Each player must “buy” each ball throw by performing a certain number of reps before each throw (ie: some number or pushups based on ability level).
  • Run and Rip: Players must run back to the starting line after each throw.  Can be combined with Costly Tosses.  This is the most challenging!

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