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Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments



Your clients run the risk of having fun in this great warm-up game…

Players: 2+

Equipment: None (Boot Camp Equipment Guide)

Game: This is a free-for-all game where players pair up and face-off against other players as rapidly as possible, similar to Paper, Rock, Scissors.  At each face-off, both players simultaneously say “3, 2, 1,…” and then any number they choose from 1 to 10.  The number each player picks will be both their score and the number of reps they have to do for that face-off, however, the person who had the higher number also has to do a penalty exercise (ie: run to cone and back, or 5 burpees, etc…) which will slow them down from moving onto the next face-off with someone new (ties are repeated until both people pick different numbers).  I usually do this as a warm-up game and have the exercise be jumping jacks or squats.  The object is to be the first person to get to 100 points.  This game gets players using strategies; you want to choose a high number to advance your score, but you want to be lower than the other person so you don’t have to do the penalty!  An added benefit of this game is gets the whole class interacting, which is key to building bonds and ultimately client retention.


  • High Stakes: Increase the max number that can be chosen to 50.  Make sure you choose exercises that can be done quickly (high knees, cherry pickers, etc…). is a totally free, ad-free web site run by me, a regular ‘ol boot camp instructor.  If you appreciate the content here and want to see more, please consider purchasing Cards Against Obesity, the fun fitness card game I created and use with my own clients, or my new eBook with over 40 premium fitness games.  Thanks for your support!