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Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Games for Large Groups | 0 comments

Polygon of Pain

Polygon of Pain

Here’s a fun large group team game with an intimidating name…

Players: 8+

Equipment: None (Boot Camp Equipment Guide)

Game: Divide all players into 2 even teams and spread the members of one team out such that they make the points of a polygon (ie: square, pentagon, hexagon, etc…).  This team that forms that polygon will be doing exercises in place (polygon team), while the other team will be trying to race around the polygon as fast as possible (racing team), doing certain exercises at each point of the polygon, and then they will switch.  The team with the fastest time wins.  Depending on the size / number of points in your polygon you may need to have teams do multiple laps around to finish.  Also, if you see anyone from the Polygon Team not doing their reps, you can tell the Racing Team to skip through that point without having to do their reps, thus speeding them up.

Round 1:

  • Polygon Team: Situps / Russian Twists (switch every 30 seconds)
  • Race Team: X Pushups (based on ability level) @ each point of the polygon

Round 2:

  • Polygon Team: Glute Bridge / Reverse Crunch (switch every 30 seconds)
  • Race Team: X Squat Jumps (based on ability level) @ each point of the polygon

Round 3:

  • Polygon Team: Squats / Good Mornings (switch every 30 seconds)
  • Race Team: X Mountain Climbers (based on ability level) @ each point of the polygon

You can have a penalty for the slower team each round.  Sometimes I let the teams wager what the penalty will be for the team that ultimately loses.



  • Battlegon: When the team that is racing around the polygon gets to a point, they must battle the person there from the other team with rock, paper, scissors.  If they win, they do their reps as normal, but if they lose, they add 5 burpees! is a totally free, ad-free web site run by me, a regular ‘ol boot camp instructor.  If you appreciate the content here and want to see more, please consider purchasing Cards Against Obesity, the fun fitness card game I created and use with my own clients, or my new eBook with over 40 premium fitness games.  Thanks for your support!