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Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Ring Chase

Ring Chase

Great camaraderie builder and a nice way to pick on individual clients ūüėõ

Players: 5+

Equipment: None (Cone Optional)

Game: In an open space, have all the players but one form a ring by holding hands in a circle. ¬†Put something like a band or a sash or a towel on one of the players in the ring. ¬†The player left out of the ring will be the “chaser” and he or she will try to grab the object. ¬†The players in the ring will have to all act as one to try and spin away from the chaser so he or she can’t grab the object. ¬†If the ring breaks or the chaser touches the object, the game is over and the chaser wins. ¬†If the ring survives for a set amount of time, the ring team wins (2 minutes is good).

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure to start the chaser¬†opposite wherever the object is
  • It helps to set out a cone as the center of the circle that the players of the ring cannot pass over.
  • The game gets proportionally harder for the chaser as you add more people (6-12 people is a good range) is a totally free, ad-free web site run by¬†me, a regular ‘ol boot camp instructor. ¬†If you appreciate the content here and want to see more, please consider purchasing¬†Cards Against Obesity, the fun fitness card game I created and use with my own clients, or my new eBook with over 40 premium fitness games. ¬†Thanks for your support!