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Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Paper, Rock, Sitters

Paper, Rock, Sitters

Here’s a version of Paper, Rock, Scissors that will drive your clients up a wall…

Players: 4+

Equipment: Wall (Boot Camp Equipment Guide)

Game: Basically, players will play a version of Paper, Rock, Scissors (AKA Ro-Sham-Bo), but do so while performing a wall sit.  Have players all go into a wall-sit and face off 1 round against the person next to them until someone wins (replay ties).  The winner gets one point and can get up and move next to another player on the wall, drop into wall-sit, and face off against that person.  The loser stays in wall sit and waits for a challenger to match-up with them.  All the players continue like this until a player gets 10 points.  This is a leg killer!  If you want a couple versions of this that work great as warm-ups check out my Games Fitness Playbook!

Variations: Have players perform best of 3 matches when facing off, so they stay in wall-sit position longer.

A variation of Paper, ROck, Scissors called Paper, Rock, Sitters!

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