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Posted by on Jan 25, 2018 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Tap Ball

Tap Ball

Fun, simple game that everyone knows from childhood…

Players: 2+

Equipment: Balloon or Beach Ball

Game: Remember as a kid when you and some friends would try to keep a balloon from hitting the ground?  Take that concept, add some burpees, and, voila, you have a great group fitness game!  Very simply, put players in teams of anywhere from 2 to 10 people, and have them take turns hitting the ball into the air.  The team that keeps it in the air longest wins.  Beyond simply running around for the ball, the fitness component comes into play with players having to complete a quick exercise like a certain number of burpees or squat jumps before they can hit the ball again.  If you only have enonugh people for one team, you can give them the goal of achieving a certain number of consecutive hits or amount of time they must keep the ball airborn. The nature and intensity of the exercise used can be changed so that this game is suitable as anything from a warm-up to a finisher.

You can also play this as a 2 player partner game.  Depending on how much the wind is a factor, I may or may not have clients have to drop chest to the ground or squat and touch the ground between touches.  If the wind is bad they will be running plenty anyway and getting the warm-up that way:

Tap Ball at

Partner version of Tap Ball where players must squat and touch the ground between hits.



  • Tag ‘n Tap: Same rules as above, but instead of reps, players must run to a set marker or cone before returning to playing are to tap the ball.  It’s impossible to play this version in the wind, unless the instructor acts as a moving marker and follows the team. is a totally free, ad-free web site run by me, a regular ‘ol boot camp instructor.  If you appreciate the content here and want to see more, please consider purchasing Cards Against Obesity, the fun fitness card game I created and use with my own clients, or my new eBook with over 40 premium fitness games.  Thanks for your support!