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Posted by on Oct 23, 2019 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Tower of Reps

Tower of Reps

Fun free-for-all dice game for two people or more that takes a different kind of balance…

Players: 2+

Equipment: Dice, Flat Surfaces

Game: Line all the players up and place a big pile of dice about 30 yards away from the players.  The objective is to have the tallest stack of dice at the end of the round.  A good length for rounds is no longer than 6-8 minutes (otherwise you’ll just have a bunch of frustrated people with a lot of falling towers).  On “go”, players will:

  1. RUN to the dice pile to get a die and run it back.
  2. ROLL the die.
  3. REP (Do DOUBLE the number they rolled).
  4. STACK the die.

If at any time a player’s stack tumbles down, they lose one die and put it off to the side, rebuild their tower, and continue.

I like to play several rounds of this, each with a theme (ie: warm-up exercises, all-abs, all-legs, etc…).  The winner(s) of a round must then do TRIPLE reps for each die roll for the next round)s, and so on.  I typically announce a new exercise change every two minutes, doing 3 or 4 different themed exercises in total.

Pro Tip: Older folks may have trouble stacking the dice.  Also, this game wont work well in windy areas!


  • Balance or Burpees: Instead of losing one die for a tower fall, the player keeps all their dice but has to knock out 10 burpees before rebuilding and continuing.