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Posted by on Nov 10, 2020 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups, Single Player Games | 0 comments

Rando Roulette

Rando Roulette

You *don’t* gotta love your chances…

Players: 1+

Equipment: Free Random Number Generator App (I use RNG Plus for Android)

Game: This one may feel a little less “gamey” and more like a challenge or a drill, but it’s got that “fun” factor, is quite versatile, can be done at distance with out any equipment, and can wear them the #%*$ out!  Essentially all you are doing is generating a new random number every 60 seconds using your random number generator app, which you announce, that will dictate how many reps of the given exercise have to be done before the next round, and each person must individually keep up.  On your app you set a maximum possible number and, if you want, the minimum (or leave it at 1).  Here’s a few example drills I’ve done with this:

  • Full burpees / 10 rounds / 1 minute rounds / 15 max, 3 min
  • Push-ups / 10 rounds / 30 second rounds / 12 max, 3 min
  • Situps / 10 rounds / 30 second rounds / 10 max, 2 min

Pro-tip: I usually do several different drills in a row (ie: pushups for 10 rounds, squat jumps for 10 rounds, etc…), with a long jog and short water break between drills.

Variations: You can raise the max and/or min by a bit, and then let them have a “One Round Off” pass that they use at their discretion.  Your advanced members will probably try to do it without using the pass!