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Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Caterpillar Crawl

Caterpillar Crawl

A great team race game that relies heavily on teamwork and communication…

Players: 4+

Equipment: None

Game: All teams need to be even numbered, as the “caterpillar” will have both a left and right side.  You can put all players in one team and do a race against the clock, or have several teams race against each other.  Each player will go into the squat position leaning against their partner/teammate, much like a wall-sit with their partners back acting as the wall.  This forms one “segment” of the caterpillar.  They can interlock their arms for added stability.  On the instructor’s start, the back-most “segment” will detach and then, one-by-one, crawl under the legs of the teammates in the forward segments until they emerge, stand up, reform into the back-to-back squat position, and yell “go”.  The back-most segment will continue crawling under and reforming in the front until the entire “caterpillar” has crossed a given finish line.  This is best played on a soft surface as players that rush too fast on a hard surface may come away with some knee scrapes. To ensure players aren’t cheating forward, the sides of the players’ feet must touch the feet of the adjoining players.


  • Handerpillar: The 2 players in each segment face each other and hold hands as they squat, rather than standing back to back.  This is easier to do, so it’s great for those players that need mods, and for times when people are quite sweaty and don’t want to get all up on each other (see pics below).
  • Single-File: Great for when you don’t have an even number of people. Simply stand single file holding a squat with your hands on the shoulders of the player in front of you (see pics below).

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