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Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Reaction Tag

Reaction Tag

A fun finisher that tests your clients endurance and reaction times…

Players: 2+

Equipment: None

Game: Sometimes this game is called Red 1 Blue 2.  You will need a large space.  Split players into pairs of similar ability level, and have them line up across from each other such that everyone forms 2 lines facing each other.  Each player will be facing off against their partner, standing about 10 feet apart.  You can use cones to create the dividing line between players. See below:


Players on one side are the Red/One team, the other side is the Blue/Two team.  At the beginning of each round, if the instructor calls out one of your team’s words, your partner must tag you before the whistle blows (try for about 3 -5 seconds depending on your space) or vice versa.  Players must only run in a straight line so as to not run into other players.  The game is played by rounds; I usually do 5 or 7 rounds.  It’s fun because of the anticipation – neither player knows if they will be the one being chased or doing the chasing each round.  It’s tiring and makes a great finisher because players will really sprint their tails off trying to avoid/tag the partner.  It also tests the mental reaction speed as each player must quickly determine if they are chasing or chased!

Pro Tip: It’s fun to call out other words that sound like Red/One/Blue/Two to make the players jump and possibly get out of position!


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