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Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Swim & Pop

Swim & Pop

Here’s a great leg and glute killer perfect for groups and great for a class finisher…

Players: 2+

Equipment: None (Boot Camp Equipment Guide)

Game: Have all players get into a circle.  Everyone lays flat and will begin to do swimmers when the timer starts (swimmers involve the clients laying face down with hands and feet outstretched and off the ground, alternately lifting their limbs up and down in a mock-swimming motion – targets glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders).  When any players yells the word “pop”, all players must get to their feet and jump up into the air with hands overhead, and then get instantly back down and resume swimming.  The only rule is that to be allowed to yell “pop”, you have to actually be swimming and you can’t be the last person to have said it.  So essentially players take turns being the one that yells it; some will be more enthusiastic about it than others :)  The goal for each player is simply to keep up with all the popping!  I usually do one 3 minute round.


  • Tap & Drop: You can use this same game format to play a version where instead of swimming, the players maintain high plank (AKA push-up position) and do alternating shoulder taps, and when anyone yells “drop”, they all do a push-up.
  • What Goes Around…: Put clients in groups of 4 or more in a circle format.  Choose one person to start as the “caller”.  When this person says “pop” (or “drop” if playing Tap & Drop), he or she does movement, then the next person in the circle does the movement, and so on until it gets back around to the “trainer”.  This can get crazy unless you enforce the rule that the “trainer” can’t call out another “pop” or “drop” until it has come back to them. is a totally free, ad-free web site run by me, a regular ‘ol boot camp instructor.  If you appreciate the content here and want to see more, please consider purchasing Cards Against Obesity, the fun fitness card game I created and use with my own clients, or my new eBook with over 40 premium fitness games.  Thanks for your support!