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Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments

Ring Chase

Ring Chase

Great camaraderie builder and a nice way to pick on individual clients 😛

Players: 5+

Equipment: None (Cone Optional)

Game: In an open space, have all the players but one form a ring by holding hands in a circle.  Put something like a band or a sash or a towel on one of the players in the ring.  The player left out of the ring will be the “chaser” and he or she will try to grab the object.  The players in the ring will have to all act as one to try and spin away from the chaser so he or she can’t grab the object.  If the ring breaks or the chaser touches the object, the game is over and the chaser wins.  If the ring survives for a set amount of time, the ring team wins (2 minutes is good).


Pro Tips:

  • Make sure to start the chaser opposite wherever the object is
  • It helps to set out a cone as the center of the circle that the players of the ring cannot pass over.
  • The game gets proportionally harder for the chaser as you add more people (6-12 people is a good range)