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Rep Race Tag

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Tag game for large groups that incorporates running and repping, and is great for challenging your advanced clients…


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Here’s a great way to put good use to some old tennis and wiffle balls…

Swim & Pop

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Here’s a great leg and glute killer perfect for groups and great for a class finisher…


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Perfect for partners, this game lets clients try their hand at being the trainer…

Plank Off

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Here’s a fun game made for 2 or more competing teams, that ends with a face off!


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Here’s another game great that works in a team or individual free-for-all style, and all you need is tennis balls.

Tug of War

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Tug of War is perhaps the best team-building game of all-time. ¬†Usually results in high-fiving…

Deck of Destiny

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This is a great game to play by yourself for a quick half hour workout, but it can also be adapted to team play.